Celebrate With Old Elvet

Celebrate With Old Elvet

Born From Tradition. Our 20 year old port wine, a symbol for Durham, is the perfect reminder of our ‘perfect little city’.

Quality Defined

Old Elvet port wine is exclusively manufactured and bottled in the traditional Porto region by Coimbra de Mattos. The quality is defined in the Touriga Nacional grapes handpicked in the September of 1996 from vineyards located on the slopes of the Douro Valley. The concentrated grapes are hand sorted and placed in tanks to be crushed and trodden and then allowed to ferment. The wine is then fortified into port before being matured in chestnut barrels for 20 years.

Born From Tradition

Our labelling perfectly signifies the ties Old Elvet Ltd shares with Durham. Our mighty World Heritage cathedral, the most iconic building in the city, was the natural template to base our emblem on. Additionally, a royal swan is included with reference to the origin of the name Elvet, derived from the Old English elfetu, meaning Swan. Finally, it was an obvious decision to include palatinate, our university’s colour.


A golden red in colour, our wine has a delicious nose of complicated aged flavours. There is a perfect elegance on the palate which gives off hints of noble vanilla and light hazelnut, followed by an enticing finish. Overall, the wine exhibits a sweet, balanced and extended flavour.


Inspired By Our Heritage

For the Durhamites

Old Elvet Ltd represents the spirit and pride of the true Durhamites who make our university special.

Our goal is to encompass the essence of Durham in a port bottle which can be kept by undergraduates and alumni to remind them of the memories formed during their time in our beautiful city. Inspired by our heritage, we seek to reinforce tradition whilst acting with modern creativity. From such contemporary entrepreneurial practices, we are able to deliver the highest quality port wine. Old Elvet Ltd supports responsible drinking, therefore, whilst encouraging the consumption of the highest quality drinks, we ask our customers to enjoy in moderation.

Student Enterprise

As a business, Old Elvet Ltd is fully operated by current Durham University undergraduates. This way it facilitates the rare opportunity for students to develop real-life business skills while working on their degree.

The majority of the company’s profits go back to Entrepreneurs Durham who use the money to foster student innovation and entrepreneurship​ across Durham University. The long-term goal of the company is to remain socially and financially sustainable.


There are not many things that compare to a group of old friends getting together after an extended period apart and Old Elvet provides an excellent excuse for such a gathering. Reminiscing the good times spent together at Durham and toasting the best stories is a kind of fun that is hard to replace. Whilst great for drinking immediately, our twenty year aged port could also be stored away until the perfect occasion arises. A bottle of Old Elvet is the perfect gift for sharing with a fellow Durhamite.


Old Elvet’s 20 Year Old Port is an excellent accompaniment to many desserts. It combines well with flavours of figs, almonds, apples, apricots and caramel but also with gouda cheese with quince marmalade as well as frisian clove cheese, goose livre pâté and pork pâté. A particular favourite of ours is the combination with crème brûlée. Nevertheless, it may also be appreciated on its own at the end of a meal, with walnuts or dried fruit and can be served cool in the summer.


We suggest opening the bottle in anticipation of serving in order to release its complex bouquet of aromas. Our port does not require decanting as it was aged in barrels where the sediment would have settled before being bottled. To serve, simply pour straight from bottle to glass, we recommend the use of a well-proportioned, good quality glass to properly enjoy the powerful flavour profiles that our port wine offers.